ST600 Rockford Fosgate Motorcycle Amplifier



This top end, powerful amp pushes over 900 max watts and features full-range sound designed for compact systems.  This efficient 4-channel amp packs a Punch in motorcycles, ATVs and hybrid-electric vehicles without sucking a lot of juice from your electrical system.

○ Max Wattage:  900+ Watts Max
○ RMS Wattage (4ch):  75 Watts RMS x 4 (4 ohm) 
○ Current Draw:  15-20 amps (avg)
○ Connection
:  RCA/headphone (or add on a bluetooth controller)
○ Impedance:  4-Ohm Only
○ Crossover:  LP/AP/HP switched Crossover
 Amplifier dimensions: 1.53 x 4.25 x 6.75 inch
 Adjustments: Fader Gain Controls (Front and rear), HL Adjustment
 Warranty:  One-Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

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  • Can this amp be placed inside of the saddle bag?

    Yes, the saddlebag is one of our recommended locations.

  • What is the recommended gain setting for the ST600 speakers

    We like to push our speakers to their full capability, so typically around 9 or 10 with crossover set to HP or AP.

  • How much is a Bluetooth controller for this amp?

    We offer 2 Bluetooth controller options for the Rockford amplifier.  They are priced at $39.99 and $99.95 depending on what features you want.  You can see them both here:

  • Does this amp come with the wiring hardware or do you have to buy that separately?

    All wiring hardware is included standard with the amplifier.  This product also includes the wiring kit for power, remote and ground connections.

  • Can 2 of these amps be used from the same bluetooth device simultaneously ? I would like to run 2 amps from the same bluetooth source that you sell.

    Yes, you could use a headphone splitter from the Bluetooth controller and connect to 2 seperate amplifiers.

  • Is this a 4 channel amp or 2 channel amp?

    It is a 4-channel amplifier.

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