The Best Sound Around

Founded by a group of Bikers and Audiophiles, Steel Horse Audio™ brings you the Absolute Best in bar mount Motorcycle Speakers and Stereo Sound Systems. Our passion for riding and music drove us to start Steel Horse Audio. Founded in 2016, Steel Horse Audio has come a long way from its humble beginnings in a garage in Windsor, CO. We are now a thriving small business employing local Colorado folks and serving customers all over the world. 

The Story of Steel Horse

Kristopher Winkler of Denver, Colorado has been in the audio business for eighteen years, but his love of motorcycles caused him to open Steel Horse Audio six years ago. It started when he was appalled by the lack of quality audio systems available for street motorcycles that didn't come with stereos from the manufacturers. "I wanted speakers on my own bike, which was a Midnight Star cruiser," Kris tells us. "I started doing research and couldn't believe the cheap crap that was being offered. I had straight pipes and none of the cheap audio systems worked for me."

Believing in the motto. 'See a need, fill a need,' Kris decided to put together the best American-made components for his own bike's audio system. "I wanted it to work and look decent," Kris says. "I tried everything and finally narrowed the components down to three systems that really work and sound great. "Those three systems fit almost any street motorcycle as well as ATV's, snowmobiles and boats."




Meet the team

We are a small local shop located in Northern Colorado.  We are motorcycle and audio enthusiasts and love riding!  We are all here to help, from support and sales, to troubleshooting and warranty.  We've got you covered!  Just let us know how we can help you and one of our team members will get right on it!


Founder / CEO

Kristopher started riding motorcycles the day his dad let him take the keys to the Harley.. Around 13 years old.  And ever since, he's had a passion to ride!  He also enjoys some good classic rock and you can normally find him rocking out to Skynyrd, Rolling Stones, Allman Brothers and the occasional White Zombie and Pantera


Office Manager

Jessica was born wild and loves to ride all kinds of motorcycle & powersports vehicles.  You can normally find her cruising the back roads,  or racing around in the dirt.  She also loves getting out and enjoying the mountains of Colorado in whatever vehicle is full of gas!  You can normally find her listening to 80s & 90s rock .


Shop Manager

What can we say.. Tim is a wild one.  He loves racing and cutting curves in the Colorado mountains.  He is also who you will likely talk to on the phone.  He comes from many years of riding background and his top priority is getting tunes on everyone's motorcycles!  He loves the heavy stuff.  like Slayer and Deicide.


Product Support

When Mike isn't answering our live chat he is touring the country and checking out rallies and events.  He loves learning about new products and ways to improve our current products.  You will likely see Mike when we are at one of the annual motorcycle rallies.  He is a classical kind of guy and blasting Mozart is not uncommon.

Why Steel Horse Audio?

So, why choose Steel Horse Audio?  There are a lot of options out there...  Well, first of all, we are among the only motorcycle audio manufacturers that are still based out of the USA, employing local folks and supporting small business.  We are also all motorcycle riders and audio lovers!  So we design our products for our own use and then share them with the world!  Be sure to read out product reviews, check out the comparisons and let us know if you have any questions!