Bluetooth® Receiver + Handlebar Controller


This Bluetooth Receiver + Controller is designed to work with your Steel Horse Audio or other motorcycle speaker system and works with most Bluetooth enabled audio devices (iPhone, Android, etc).  It will eliminate the wired connection to your audio device while providing an easy to use illuminated handlebar mount controller. Great for adding full Bluetooth® with auto-pairing along with handlebar control to your Steel Horse Audio™ motorcycle speaker system.

  • Attach to most handlebars with the included mount
  • Pair your phone, then keep it in your pocket.  No wired connection from phone
  • Control volume, tracks and play/pause of your phone or any Bluetooth® device
  • Wired connection from controller to battery and speaker system is required
  • Works with all Steel Horse Audio and most other speaker systems

Use this Add-on for --  an all in one Bluetooth® option, with auto-pairing from your phone or audio device as well as an illuminated, weather-proof handlebar controller.  Phone or audio device connection is wireless and not connected to any wires. Music tracks, volume and play/pause are controlled by the handlebar controller.  This controller unit is hardwired directly to the speaker system and your battery.




Ask a Question
  • Does this come with cable/wires needed to connect to motorcycle battery?

    All wiring is included to install this to your motorcycle and pair it with your audio device via Bluetooth.

  • Can I connect this to an already existing aux port?

    Yes, it is a universal controller and will work with any existing stereo with an AUX port.  Just install the controller and connect it to the AUX-IN port on your stereo, then pair your phone and you'll be all set.

  • Is this a stand alone device or will I need a head unit on my motorcycle?

    This is stand alone and will connect to any audio device with Bluetooth (iPhone, iPod, Mobile phone, etc)

  • What size is this controller (diameter)?

    This handlebar controller measures 2-5/16" diameter x 15/16" depth.

  • Is this waterproof?

    Yes, it is a weatherproof, all-weather design.

  • Will this controller work with a Boss system? It has Bluetooth capability and also a direct plug in.

    You can use the direct plug from the amp with this handlebar controller.  It will work with any audio device with Bluetooth and any motorcycle amplifier with or without Bluetooth.

  • How does this connect to the existing stereo on my bike. I undestand about the electrical hook up but does it connect audio via aux cord?

    Yes, it connects to the motorcycle amplifier or motorcycle radio using an aux cable.

  • What is the difference between the handle bar controls

    The Bluetooth Handlebar controller is wireless (battery operated) and will control your connected/plugged in device (change tracks, volume, etc).  Your device still needs to be plugged in with this one.....  The Bluetooth Reciever + Controller (this product) needs to be hardwired, but will then allow the phone to be completely wireless (stays in your pocket) and also control tracks, volume, etc.

  • Will this fit 1.25 handlebars?

    Yes, this will fit 1", 1.25" and 1.5" bars.