ST600 Cruiser Speaker System

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Kenwood Motorcycle Speaker System   Kicker Motorcycle Speakers


The ST600 Cruiser Edition (originally the ST400) is designed to take your music to the next level, now with 600 watts of loud and clear highway sound featuring Kenwood® amplification and 4" or 5.25" Kicker® speakers!  Easily mounts to the handlebars or highway bars of your Harley-Davidson®, Honda, Yamaha, Victory and more.  Connect using the built-in Bluetooth® to any audio device or radio.

  • 600 watts of peak power for loud & clear sound at highway speeds & beyond, even with loud pipes
  • Easy bolt-on installation to the handlebars or highway bars of any Harley, Indian, Honda, Yamaha& More
  • Illuminated handlebar mounted controller for play/pause, source, volume & tracks
  • Connect to any Bluetooth® enabled device for a wireless audio connection
  • Acoustic baffles for added bass response and musical clarity
  • Choose from 4" or 5.25" speakers with a 2-speaker or 4-speaker option
  • Pair with Saddlebag Lid Speakers for the ultimate audio experience
  • Every component is IP67/IP66 Certified Waterproof & Dustproof for even the harshest weather conditions
  • True spec-tinned Oxygen-free Copper speaker wire for superior sound and corrosion prevention
  • Made with steel enclosures in a high quality show chrome or satin black finish
  • Premium 8 Gauge Amplifier Wiring Kit with 100% Premium OFC Copper
  • Designed and built in the USA with only the highest quality components 
  • Industry leading 5-year warranty on all parts and components



  • Channels: 2 or 4
  • Max Power (Watts): 600W (150W x 4)
  • 4ohm RMS Output:  50W x 4 Channels
  • Classification:  Full Range Class D
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio:  74dB
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz-200Hz, -12dB/oct (A/B)
  • True spec-tinned Oxygen-free Copper wire
  • Amplifier Size: (W)7-13/16” x (H)1-15/16” x (D)4-1/8”
  • Speaker/Enclosure Size:  4.75" (Diameter) x 3" (Depth)




    • Kenwood® 600W weatherproof amplifier with Bluetooth®
    • Illuminated, weatherproof handlebar controller
    • Strap mount add-on for controller, to fit any size bar
    • 10 Gauge 100% copper wiring kit
    • CS Series 4-inch (4") Kicker® speakers in waterproof housings
    • Mounting hardware for 1" & 1-1/4" bars included (Other sizes available upon request)
    • Instruction manual with black zip ties

    This is for a complete Steel Horse Audio Bluetooth 4" Motorcycle Speaker System kit.  All you need to provide is your mobile audio device.




    Ask a Question
    • Are these speakers fully waterproof? What are the actual dimensions of the 5¼" speakers and shell?

      The speakers are fully submersible waterproof.  The complete speakers in the shell measure 5.75" in diameter.

    • I have 1.5” crash bars on my 2021 Road King. Do you guys sell the clamps to fit that?

      We do!  We have 7/8", 1", 1-7/8", 1.25" and 1.5" clamp sizes available!

    • Can it fit on Harley 2010 CVO SOFTAIL?

      The ST400 motorcycle speaker system will fit nicely on a 2010 CVO Softail, as well as most other Harley-Davidson models.

    • Can the amp be mounted in saddle bags without over heating?

      Yes, the amplifier is specifically designed to prevent overheating.  It is rated for up to 150 degrees and can safely be installed in enclosed spaces, such as saddle bags or other bags.

    • I have a 2004 Heritage Softail that has a roadtech sirius XM Radio with the 2 speaker boom system. Can I replace that speaker system with this ST 600 and still connect the RoadTech XM Satalite radio?

      As long as there is an AUX or RCA output on the RoadTech radio, you will be all set.  These systems will work with any bluetooth audio device or any audio device with a headphone/aux jack.

    • Is the amp waterproof? On an Indian Scout there is no place to put an amp except hidden under a speed screen

      The amp is water-resistant.  It can be exposed to some moisture, but it is not waterproof and can not submerged.  Most folks will use a small bag to keep the amp hidden and clean looking, such as a windshield bag, fork bag, front down tube or swing arm bag.

    • Can this be hardwired to a GPS?

      You can connect a GPS, Sateliite or any other audio player using the headphone jack, or output jack on the GPS or other unit, or via Bluetooth connection.

    • Is this compatible with my existing Harley Davidson radio

      Yes, you can use the existing motorcycle radio as the source.  You would just use an RCA to 3.5mm cable from the radio to the ST400 system.

    • Easy installation on a Triumph Rocket III Roadster? I can’t seem to find any videos online to hear the sound.

      We design the system to be an easy self-install with only a few wiring connections.  You can check out our YouTube page for video, but it just doesn't do it justice like in real life.

    • How is the BASS????

      The bass is fantastic for a 4" woofer.  You can actually hear it!  It won't 'bump' like a 10" or 12" woofer, but you can definately hear the bass for a nice, well rounded sound.

    • How long are the speaker wires? Can the amp be mounted in a hard saddle bag? What about airflow/overheating?

      The speaker wire is 12 feet in length to accomodate any powersports installation.  The motorcycle amp is typically mounted in a saddlebag... a fork bag, windshield bag, down tube bag, swing arm bag, etc will also work.  The amp is designed to prevent overheating, even when installed in a confined space without airflow.

    • what volume control app do u suggest, one that automatically lowers volume and raises as the speed increases or decreases.

      For Apple, we recommend 'Volume by Velocity' - Available here:
      For Android/Google, we recommend 'Speed of Sound' - Available here:

    • Will these speakers fit on the handlebars of a 2016 Indian Chief Darkhorse?

      Yes, your Darkhorse will have 1-1/4" stock handelbars and the systems include the correct 1-1/4" mounts (as well as spare 1" mounts).

    • How many amps does the ST600 draw, on average operation

      The ST600 amplifier will draw 10 amps of power on average, peaking at 15 amps.

    • What are the dimensions of the speaker enclosures?

      The speaker enclosures / housings measure 4.75" diameter by 3" depth.

    • Will this fit easily on my 2016 Fatboy handlebars with a detachable batwing fairing?

      Yes, these will fit great with a windshield or batwing fairing.  They can be mounted flush with the bars.

    • Where does the amp get mounted?

      The amplifier measures '5-11/16 X '1-3/4 X '3-7/8 inches and is typically mounted in a saddlebag, fork bag, windshield bag, swing arm bag, front down tube bag or side tool compartment.

    • Is 10 amp draw constant? Is there a USB input? Can switched power source be a toggle switch? What is the measurement of handlebar clamp? Will I-pod touch work with system?

      10 Amps is the peak draw.  There is a USB port for charging only, but RCA inputs for a wired connection and Bluetooth for wireless connection.  Switched power can be a toggle switch or connected to something that comes on and off with the bike (headlight, taillight, etc).  The clamps will mount to a 1" or 1-1/4" bar diameter (other sizes also available).  An iPod touch or any other audio device with a headphone jack or Bluetooth will work great.

    • Any way to attach the 2nd set of speakers to the rear of the bike? like on the sissy bar for the passenger?

      Yes, the 2nd set can be mounted just about anywhere, from highway bars and luggage racks to sissy bar/backrest or even in place of the rear foot pegs.  They are universal and allow for a lot of different mounting options.

    • Is it possible to add on 2 more speakers to this amp? I will mount the initial set-up on my handlebars and if I want to add 2 extra speakers later, is that possible?

      Yes, this is the same amp that is included with the 4-speaker system for easy upgrading to 4-speakers at any time.

    • What are the speaker specs?

      • 400W Peak Wattage • 200W RMS Wattage • 4ohm Resistance • 2-Way Speaker Design • 4" Woofer • 1/2" Tweeter • 88dB sensitivity • 60-20k frequency range