Bluetooth® Handlebar Controller

Hands-free control of your Bluetooth® audio device or phone on your motorcycle.  Battery operated* for an easy, wire-free installation anywhere on your bike.  Great for adding volume and track control of your Bluetooth enabled audio device to any Steel Horse Audio™ speaker system.

  • Controller installs in just a few minutes with no wired connection
  • Attach to handlebars (mount included) or stick to tank, frame, etc
  • Control volume, tracks and play/pause of any Bluetooth® audio device
  • Audio device (phone, iPod, mp3, etc) stays plugged directly to system for better battery life and sound
  • Works with all Steel Horse Audio™ & most other motorcycle speakers


Use this Add-on for -- Bluetooth® handlebar control of your phone or audio device. Phone must be plugged directly in to speaker system via headphone jack.  Music tracks, volume and play/pause (on your audio device) are then controlled by this unit (wirelessly) over Bluetooth®.  This controller has no wires and uses a 2-yr replaceable battery.

*2-year battery life



Ask a Question
  • How will it connect to st400 amp?

    The amplifier connects to the audio device (phone, ipod, mp3 player, etc) via aux-in cable and then the controller connect to the phone and controls tracks and volume.

  • Can I use this to control volume and tracks, when my phone is sending sound through Bluetooth? I have a Bluetooth headseat my helmet, but no way of controlling the volume/tracks while driving.

    This controller is designed to be used when your phone is connected using the headphone jack or other wired option only.  Most phones will not allow the dual Bluetooth connection, especially when one is streaming and the other is control.

  • how do you turn it on and off? how do you pair it with your phone? does it turn off automatically? do I have to use wired headset, can I use bluetooth headset?

    It turns on and off with the push of a button or automatically after 5 minutes of no audio.  It pairs with your phone like any standard device, and instructions are included.  You have to connect it to a wired output source, either a headset or motorcycle speaker system.

  • I think this may work, what I want to do is, have my phone in my jacket, with wired headphones under my helmet. I would like a solution to control volume tracks, etc similar to the controls on the steering wheel of most newer cars. Will this do that task via bluetooth? No extra wires to connect to the phone?

    Yes, this is what you are looking for.  No wires, completely battery operated (about 2 years battery life) and will control the volume and tracks on your phone, wirelessly, via Bluetooth.