Top 5 Advantages of Riding a Motorcycle vs a Car

June 07, 2018

motorcycle vs carThinking about purchasing a motorcycle? There are certain perks to riding a motorcycle versus a car, some of which we're going to reveal in today's blog post.


More Parking Options


This alone should be reason enough to drive a motorcycle over a car. It's downright frustrating when you are forced to drive around a parking lot in circles just to find an open space. But if you're on a motorcycle, you'll have access to more parking options. Many shopping malls, retail outlets and city streets have special parking areas designed specifically for motorcycles.


Better Gas Mileage


There's no denying the fact that most motorcycles have far better gas mileage than full-size cars and trucks. While the exact miles-per-gallon (MPG) varies depending on the make and model, it's not uncommon for them to exceed 50-60 MPG. In comparison, cars may only receive 20-30 MPG. So if you're tired of shelling out Big Bucks at the pump, consider investing in a motorcycle. Doing so will allow to ride longer distances while burning through less fuel.


Retains Value


All vehicles depreciate in value once they are driven off the lot. However, motorcycles have a tendency to retain their value, more so than full-size cars and trucks. So when you get ready to sell your motorcycle, you'll be able to reap the benefits of a higher selling price. This doesn't necessarily mean that you'll recoup the original price of your motorcycle, but you can still expect to get higher offers for it than a car.


Social Experience


One of the lesser-known benefits of riding a motorcycle is the social experience that it offers. You can group with several other motorcycle owners to ride down the streets on a sunny warm day. Some riders even create or join “riding clubs” for this very purpose. Regardless, you'll find the social experience is a welcome addition to owning a motorcycle.




Of course, motorcycles can also be customized according to the rider's preference. From bucket seats and unique horns to Bluetooth speaker systems, paint jobs and more, there are dozens of ways to customize a motorcycle. So, don't just settle for a factory motorcycle; go the extra mile by customizing your bike according to your own personal preferences.

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