Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in The Rain

August 25, 2017 2 min read

Motorcycle with speakers in rainRain adds a new element of danger when riding a motorcycle. The slick roads and reduced visibility can increase the risk of an accident, which is why it's important for riders to take extra safety precautions in the rain.


Avoid Puddles


I know this is easier said than done, but you should avoid riding over puddles when it's raining. For starters, you never know just how deep a puddle is until you ride through it. It could be less than an inch deep, or it could be several feet deep. Furthermore, even small puddles may cause your motorcycle to hydroplane, increasing the risk of a collision. The bottom line is that riders should avoid puddles when possible.


Check Your Tires


A good rule of thumb is to check both the tread wear and pressure of your tires before riding on a rainy day. Over time, the tread will begin to wear down, reducing the tire's ability to gain traction with the road. This phenomenon is amplified during the rain, as slick tires on a wet surface yields little-to-no traction. Perform a quick inspection of your motorcycle's tires to ensure they have adequate tread and proper PSI pressure.


Make Yourself Visible


This tip holds true anytime you ride a motorcycle, but it's especially relevant when riding in the rain. Rain will reduce your visibility, which means other motorists won't be able to see you as easily. Wear high-visibility gear and make sure your headlights are on to reduce the risk of a collision.

Dress Appropriately


One of the perks of riding a motorcycle is the ability to experience mother nature up close and personal. Assuming the weather is nice, you can enjoy the warm sun and cool breeze from the comfort of your motorcycle. On the other hand, however, you will be also be exposed to the elements when the weather turns south, such as the case involving rain. So, what type of apparel should you wear when riding a motorcycle in the rain? Don't make the mistake of wearing leather, as leather is NOT waterproof, nor will it offer protection against the rain. Instead, wear some type of riding outfit that's made of a synthetic, waterproof material.




Just like driving a car in the rain, you should brake on a motorcycle by pumping the brakes. Hitting the brakes with 100% force may cause you to fishtail and lose control. If you pump the brakes, however, you should retain control while allowing your motorcycle to decelerate.