Steel Horse Audio Offers 900W Loudspeaker Packs for Cruiser Motorcycles

December 11, 2018 2 min read

Sometimes loud is nowhere near enough, especially for those who like to show off a bit on their bikes. And since removing the exhaust silencers or installing the loudest pipes on the market is illegal in most places, adding some music capabilities to a motorcycle may look like one of the best ideas.
900W Loudspeaker Packs for Cruiser Motorcycles
Now, there are sound systems and there are sound systems. Most cruisers that are well-equipped, pack around 200 Watts, with the most potent of factory-delivered and third-party rigs producing even 400 Watts.

However, this might also not be enough if you want to turn some heads, so Steel Horse Audio thought about offering a 900W+ Platinum Edition speaker system that could solve the "problem."

The Steel Horse Audio sets are comprised of two Kicker speakers and a Rockford Fosgate Punch mini amplifier. Customers who still want more can go for the four-speaker sets, too.
Specs look cool
The 4-Ohm speakers are waterproof, so riding in the rain will not damage them, and their frequency response looks neat, at least on paper. You'll get 60 Hz lows (which is quite low for such applications) with a peak of 20 kHz in the highs domain, already above what most human ears can hear. They also pack 88 dB sensitivity, which is not exactly a lot, but definitely not crap.

Steel Horse Audio ST600 Platinum Edition come with variable gain and crossover controls, and can be hooked to almost any portable music source. The included handlebar-mount Bluetooth controller offers easy control.

Steel housings and clamps will attach the speakers and amp(s) to the bike, and the manufacturer says that the system will fit Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Victory, Triumph, metric and more machines.

No price was mentioned at the time of writing, so you'd better get in touch with Steel Horse Audio for more details. Their current Platinum system retails for $500-650 in 2-speaker and 4-speaker versions.