Tips for Riding In Hot Weather

June 19, 2017

Motorcycle Riding in SummerWith summer upon us, many motorcycle owners have their bikes out of the garage and are hitting the road regularly. But as the temperatures continue to rise, it can make otherwise enjoyable rides downright uncomfortable. Riders often wear thick leather jackets for protection, which isn't exactly the best choice for hot weather. So, what can you do to stay cool and comfortable when riding your motorcycle in hot weather?


Sweat it Out!


Before we begin, it's important to understand sweating and its ability to cool the human body. Our bodies must maintain a steady internal temperature to function properly. When it begins to overheat, the human body responds by sweating; thus, transferring heat through our skin and outside our bodies. If you are wearing clothes that restrict your body's ability to sweat, you will increase the risk of heat exhaustion. The bottom line is that you need to wear lightweight, breathable clothes when riding a motorcycle in the heat.


Avoid Riding During Peak Sun Hours


Depending on where exactly you live, the hours of 3 to 6 PM are usually the hottest. So if you are worried about riding in extreme heat, try to schedule your trips around these hours. After 6 PM is when the sun begins to drop and the air cools off, and before 3 PM is also a suitable window for riding as the sun has yet to reach its peak.


Riding Clothes and Gear


It's best to leave your leather biker jacket at home when riding a motorcycle in hot weather. Leather jackets are undeniably stylish and durable, but they are too thick to comfortably wear on hot spring and summer days. Instead, choose riding gear that's lightweight and breathable, preferably made of a moisture-wicking fabcic polyester. Moisture-wicking fabric allows moisture (your sweat) to flow away from your body, meaning heat will transfer away from your body with greater ease.


Stay Hydrated


Hydration and heat go hand in hand. When the mercury rises, your body will deplete its water reserves faster than normal. And if you don't replenish your body's water reserves, you run the risk of dehydration – and that's something no rider wants to experience, especially when on a motorcycle. Camelback water bags are an excellent solution for long-distance motorcycle trips, allowing riders to sip water without having to stop. Alternatively, you can stash a couple water bottles in your saddlebag.

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