Motorcycle Speakers for Cruisers from Steel Horse Audio

September 19, 2018

Steel Horse Audio Motorcycle SpeakersThere are many ways to crank out your favorite music while riding your motorcycle: either by using a set of headphones, helmet speakers or by having some Steel Horse Audio motorcycle speakers installed as part of an individual, handlebar mounted motorcycle audio system. These speakers are installed on the handlebars or highway bars instead of inside the helmet where you can increase your risk of injury due to extremely limited hearing.

Our ST200 Classic, ST400 Cruiser and ST600 Platinum Motorcycle speaker systems come with a Bluetooth option and are the perfect match to your Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Victory or other domestic/metric motorcycle. These systems work with a whole range of audio devices and as with most modern motorcycle speakers they are compatible with iPods, iPhones, Android, MP3 players, portable radios and most other portable audio devices.

Choose your motorcycle speakers according to personal music preferences. If you like bass and high volumes, then we recommend the ST600 Platinum and maybe even the 4 speaker version. The ST600 motorcycle speaker systems offer extreme, full range highway sound suitable for any speed or riding environment. The ST200 and ST400 systems also offer highway sound with some different features.  For cheaper alternatives, you can try a 2" or 3" speaker systems designed for around town only, available from numerous other vendors.

Our systems require no technical or electrical skills and can typically be installed in under an hour.  Systems range from $229 to $749, depending on what you are looking for. The important thing is to know where to shop, what to shop for and how to make sure that you get the highest quality and sound output for your money. Test demo speakers, read reviews, research and then decide, just keep in mind that if they aren't loud enough on the highway (as 2" and 3" speakers or foreign knock offs tend to be), there isn't really much use for them (especially on the longer rides).

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