Learn to Ride for the Summer

March 30, 2021 2 min read

Learn to Ride for the Summer

Harley-Davidson has just announced a new initiative to encourage growth in the motorcycle community with its “Learn-To-Ride” programs, available at participating Harley dealerships. The “Learn-To-Ride” programs offer one-on-one, or small private group training in a low-stress environment under the supervision and instruction of a professional riding coach.

Inspired by new rider feedback, select Harley-Davidson dealers are offering two new programs that aim to make learning to ride more convenient and personalized. These new programs are designed to provide flexible scheduling and a learning pace that suits the rider’s needs.This new program is designed specifically for those who have never ridden a motorcycle but are interested in trying. Under the guidance of a professional coach, participants will ride a Harley-Davidson Street® 500 motorcycle across a practice range. The entire experience takes approximately 90 minutes and is completed on a bike specially equipped for new riders.

Experience the Ride is a low commitment, no pressure way for potential riders to get behind the handlebars and experience riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle for the very first time. This program can help participants decide if learning to ride is right for them, alleviate potential anxiety before taking a rider training course, and help realize how motorcycles can unlock their dreams of personal freedom.

For those that have decided to learn to ride, select Harley dealers are now offering an additional option beyond the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy New Rider Course. This new program, known as Learn to Ride, delivers the same time-tested rider training curriculum as the Riding Academy New Rider Course. However, Learn to Ride enables students to schedule private sessions with personal coaches and learn all the techniques and riding strategies required to earn a motorcycle endorsement.

For riders that always wanted to learn but couldn’t fit a multi-day course into their schedule or prefer to learn in private session, this program is what they have been waiting for. Sessions can be scheduled one-on-one or as a private party with up to four participants. This program is a great option for spouses, friends, and individuals to finally learn and fulfill their dreams of riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  

Benefits of the Learn to Ride program include highly flexible scheduling, learning at the rider’s pace, more focused attention from the coach, ability to repeat training modules if needed, and completion of private sessions solo or with a small group of friends resulting in lower anxiety. 

To learn more and schedule your personalized Learn to Ride lesson visit the H-D New Rider website. Learn to ride, buy a motorcycle and then outfit it with a Steel Horse Audio sound system so you can crank up the two-wheeled tunes and get out on the highway!