Installing Motorcycle Speakers on a Triumph Rocket

October 10, 2018

Steel Horse Audio Motorcycle Speakers SystemsFounded in 2016, this Colorado-based company designs motorcycle speaker systems for all motorcycle makes and models. Designed to accommodate most Harley’s, Indian and metrics, I of course will break new ground and put a set on a Triumph Rocket III touring bike. 

The Steel Horse Audio™ motorcycle speaker system comes in three basic flavors:  a ST200 Classic system with 200 watt amplifier, a ST400 Cruiser edition with 400 watt amplifier and a ST600 Platinum 900+ watt system paired with a Rockford Fosgate® Punch™ amplifier for massive output. They also offer Satin Black versions. Designed to fit all makes and models, with or without windshield, it features Pioneer™ or Kicker™ speakers in classic Harley® style housings.  Designed for superior sound quality, the systems offer Bluetooth and work with all iPods, MP3 Players, XM/Sirius, Satellite and FM Radio.  Built in the USA with only the highest quality components, these motorcycle speaker systems looks great and are guaranteed to crank out crisp, clear sound, even at highway speeds. Let’s get started with the install.

They provide all the necessary components.  All you need are the tools and the ability to follow instructions, which are well documented with text and diagrams. The amplifier is relatively small and may fit under the seat in some bikes, but the air intake is under the Rocket III seat so it went in the saddlebag.  Really, there’s not much to say about installation because it's so easy. Once you’ve figured out where to put the speakers and the amp, in about an hour --  Bada Bing Bada Boom – you’re rockin’ the beats. In this case, I just zip-tied the wires because it’s not my bike,   but they provide everything for a clean install.  I used my iPhone X but any device with Bluetooth or a standard 1/8th inch (3.5mm) headphone jack works.

Steel Horse Audio Motorcycle Speaker System Installation

Sounds great! Let’s take her for a spin around town.  Hitting the freeway the ambient wind noise on the Triumph began to drown out the sound at 85 so a quick call to Steel Horse Audio and a few questions later; we’re all good.  The amp has an input gain and I had it set at 12 o clock.  They said to crank it up all the way. Once I did that, I got a few more db out of the system and I had installed the ST200 Classic system. I can imagine that ST400 Cruiser or ST600 Platinum really kick it up a notch.  There is an enormous difference in ambient wind noise from 75 to 85 mph, so each bike and situation will differ. The Chrome speaker looked great with the triumph but as stated, the system is available in a blacked-out version as well. Without a doubt, the Steel Horse Audio sound system is a fast, easy, inexpensive way to rock the beats on any bike. 

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