How to Keep Your Helmet Visor from Fogging Up

February 20, 2018 2 min read

Whether you're a seasoned rider with 10+ years under your belt, or if you're planning to buy your first motorcycle, you probably know the importance of maintaining high visibility on the road. If you can't see what's in front of you, there's a substantially greater risk of an accident.

But as we get deeper into the year, the temperatures are beginning to drop and the days are getting shorter. Furthermore, these cold temperatures create a phenomenon in which motorcycle riders' helmets fog up from the inside; thus, restricting visibility. So, what steps can you take to prevent this from happening when you're riding?


Wear a Neck Warmer


How can a neck warmer help to prevent your helmet visor from fogging up? Well, fog often occurs as a result of your breathe. When you breathe, moisture leaves your lungs and latches onto the visor, creating a mist that obstructs your view. But wearing a neck warmer will catch some (not all) of this mist. It's not a fool-proof way to keep your helmet visor from fogging up, but it's certainly helpful, especially when combined with other preventive measures.


Leave it Cracked


Many riders have also reported success by leaving their helmet visor cracked. The general idea is that leaving your visor cracked allows moisture to escape. And when moisture escapes, it doesn't accumulate inside the visor lens to restrict your visibility.


Anti-Fog Wipes


Of course, there are also products you can buy to prevent your helmet visor from fogging up. One such product is anti-fog wipes, which as the name suggests are moist wipes containing a special anti-fog solution. When applied to a helmet visor, it discourages moisture from accumulating. You can find anti-fog wipes available at most motorcycle accessory stores. Alternatively, you can also purchase them from swimming sports stores, as swimmers frequently use them on their goggles and masks.


Buy a Helmet with an Anti-Fog Visor


One of the easiest ways to maintain high visibility when riding a motorcycle is to buy and wear a helmet with an anti-fog visor. Most helmet visors lack any sort of anti-fog feature, making them highly susceptible to fog during the fall and winter months. But there are some helmets that are made specifically to prevent this phenomenon from occurring. Known as an “anti-fog visor,” it's a great way to improve your visibility on the road.


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