"The Best Sound Around" - Easyriders Magazine

January 09, 2023 2 min read

"The Best Sound Around" - Easyriders Magazine

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--The Best Sound Around by Dave Nichols, Easyriders Editorial Director

"Kristopher of Denver, Colorado has been in the audio business for eight years, but his love of motorcycles caused him to open Steel Horse Audio two years ago.  It started when he was appalled by the lack of quality audio systems available for street motorcycles that didn't come with stereos from the manufacturers.  "I wanted speakers on my own bike, which was a Midnight Star cruiser," Kris tells us.  "I started doing research and couldn't believe the cheap crap that was being offered.  I had straight pipes and none of the cheap audio systems worked for me."

Believing in the motto. 'See a need, fill a need,' Kris decided to put together the best American-made components for his own bike's audio system.  "I wanted it to work and look decent," Kris says. "I tried everything and finally narrowed the components down to three systems that really work and sound great. "Those three systems fit almost any street motorcycle as well as ATV's, snowmobiles and boats."

All of the Steel Horse Audio systems come with a five-year warranty, are Bluetooth capable, are Highway rated for tough performance in the real world, are weatherproof, come in chrome or black finish, and are made in the USA.  They are designed for bikes that don't already have a stereo system, such as Softails and Road Kings, but they will also bring your favorite road tunes to Sportster and Street models.  The three systems are the ST200 Classic Edition, ST600 Cruiser Edition and ST900 Platinum Edition.  Prices start at just $279.99, with special deals available on the company website.

Designed to be loud and clear at highway speeds, the ST200 includes two 4-inch Pioneer speakers and 200-watts of power.  The speakers mount easily on your handlebars, risers or highway bars, and everything you need for installation is included.  The ST600 system utilizes a Kenwood 600-watt compact 4-channel digital amp, Bluetooth remote control, two handlebar, highway bar or riser-mounted Kicker speakers, and everything you need for excellent sound on the road.  The best-selling, high end unit is the ST900 Platinum system.  It includes a Rockford Fosgate 900-watt amp, 2-or-4 Kicker speakers for distortion-free output and full range highway sound.  

"Many of our customers even trade in their Harley BOOM! audio systems for ours," Kris says.  "The big selling points are that all our systems are made in the USA, are waterproof and highway rated, and were designed by people who ride."

For more information visit steelhorseaudio.com or call 1-800-823-5310.  Tell 'em Easyriders sent you for a special discount."