Dealing with Wind on a Motorcycle

May 01, 2018

Motorcycle WindWouldn't it be great is Mother Nature offered you sunny clear skies with no wind each and every time that you went riding on your motorcycle? While some days may fall under this category, others will not. Minor gusts of wind shouldn't cause any need for concern, but when the wind picks up, it can create a dangerous scenario for you as well as other motorists on the road. So, what's the best way to deal with wind when riding a motorcycle?


Check the Weather


It's a good idea to check the local weather before riding a motorcycle, looking to see whether or not rain is in the forecast, and how strong the winds are. If the local weather is calling for gale-force winds, it's best to avoid riding your motorcycle until the wind subsides. And if you happen to be riding when severe weather and strong winds strike, consider seeking refuge under an overpass.


Crosswinds Won't Knock You Over


Riding a motorcycle is strong crosswinds can be frightening to say the least. You'll feel both your body and motorcycle being pushed to the side. As such, many riders are fearful of riding in crosswinds. The good news is that unless it's gale-force winds, crosswinds shouldn't cause any major issues. It's all psychological, meaning you won't go tumbling to the ground when wind strikes your side. The combined weight of your body and motorcycle is more than enough to maintain stability in crosswinds.


Loosen Your Grip on Handlebars


Beginners have a tendency to grip their handlebars with all of their might when riding in strong winds. Of course, this is a natural response, as you want to secure yourself to the motorcycle so you don't get blown off. But there's really no need to use such as overly strong grip. On the contrary, maintaining a somewhat loose and relaxed grip will give you greater freedom of mobility and motion, which can prove invaluable in navigating your way across the roads in less-than-ideal weather conditions.


Increase Your Grip on Tank


While it's best to loosen your grip on the handlebars when riding in strong winds, you should have a stronger grip on the gas tank. Use your legs to create a strong grip on the tank for additional stability. The closer your legs are to your motorcycle, the less wind resistance you'll experience – and this is essential when navigating through strong winds.


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