September 19, 2019 2 min read


Daytona Beach, Florida’s ’s Biketoberfest weekend is fast becoming a rider’s week event. What does that mean? Well, the weekend has, over time, slowly stretched from just a couple of days, to a full week.

Riders start heading to Daytona as early as Monday for a party that technically doesn’t start until Thursday. And now, with Biketoberfest events reaching out as far away as Deland, the square miles this event encompasses rivals that of any bike week in the East. Add to the mix some decent riding weather, albeit cooler than the norm for Florida, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a great, really long weekend.

Once the little brother of Daytona Bike Week in March, Biketoberfest has become quite a party. This year’s last official run before winter will take place on October 17th through the 20th . Main Street is now, and will always be, party central for all Daytona Beach bike events. But keeping the crowds spread around town is 
turning out to be a good thing. After all, more places to go means more places to ride.

Downtown on Main Street, Froggy’s is always jumpin’. As will be the other Main Street regular haunts; The Full Moon, Dirty Harry’s and Boot Hill Saloon will all be jamming into the wee hours, the taps will be flowin’, non-stop live bands will be jammin’, and pretty girls will be shaken their money-makers.

A Daytona Beach biker party without a cruise down Main street would just be… well, without it, why bother going to Daytona at all? It’s still the place to see and be seen. With Halloween looming right around the corner, all the crazies come
out to play.

The International Speedway will offer up a long list of high-impact vendors, including many custom bike celebrity builders.

While at the speedway, you should check out the track for some racing action or view the curves of another variety at the bikini contests. If your taste runs with the girls who don’t mind getting a little dirty, a short ride to Sopotnick’s Cabbage Patch is right up your alley. The slaw wrestling is always a crowd favorite
and never disappoints.

Across from Daytona Beach H-D, The Riverfront area offers even more vendors and live music. And finally, along your ride back north to Destination Daytona, there’s always the Broken Spoke or Iron Horse for killer old school good times. Also along US1, for those in town early enough, be sure to check out Willie’s
Tropical Tattoo Old School Bike Contest. If you like bobbers, old Triumphs, and Rock-a-Billy music, don’t miss this show.

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—Dave Nichols