Arizona Bike Week

March 09, 2019 3 min read

Arizona Bike Week
Arizona Bike Week 2019Make Some Noise!

As the month of April brings warmer temperatures and you are no doubt itchin’ to throw a leg over your bike and get out there on the road, we’d like to suggest Arizona Bike Week as the perfect two-wheeled getaway. AZ Bike Week is known as the biggest motorcycle rally in the Phoenix area and it has been goin’ on for 22 years.

Whether you’re a first time attendee or long-time veteran, Arizona Bike Week 2019 promises to deliver a rally like you’ve never seen before as each year brings more parties, activities and attractions to the Phoenix and Scottsdale area than the year before. If you enjoy carving out your own path, Arizona’s amazing spring weather and scenic desert and mountain roads make for some of the best riding in the country. If you prefer organized runs, there are daily charity rides that offer the opportunity to meet some fun people or connect with old friends, all while supporting a great cause. 

Many of the activities during Arizona Bike Week are located at WestWorld, a 360-acre special event site, complete with tent and RV campgrounds, in beautiful north Scottsdale. You’ll find hundreds of vendors, bike builders, dealers and manufacturers. You’ll also find factory demo rides, stunt shows, contests, games and nightly concerts by major bands.

But how you make the scene is just as important as what you do once you get there. I’m talkin’ about killer tunes and quality sound on your motorcycle! If you’re riding a bike with a less-than-premium motorcycle sound system, or maybe you’re poundin’ the pavement on a Dyna, Sportster or Softail and don’t have a speaker system, we suggest you try our Steel Horse Audio ST600 for the best sound around. Designed to bring you amazing sound clarity at highway speeds and beyond, even if your scooter has straight pipes, Steel Horse systems come in small, medium and ear-melting sizes. The systems come with everything you need for quick and easy installation.

But back to the run. The thunder of tens of thousands of Harleys will reverberate across the Valley of the Sun for about five days this April 3 rd through the 7 th as riders from all across America rolled past gila monsters and saguaro cacti into the enormous WestWorld events facility in Scottsdale just north of downtown Phoenix. Yes, it is once again time for another killer Arizona Bike Week.

The mighty Legends Pavilion will be filled with wall-to-wall vendor stalls, while just outside, the Rock Yard will be lined with booth after booth offering everything from demo rides and riding gear, to tattoos and all kinds of food and drink to fill your belly.

Entertainment will be everywhere and non-stop, with alternating bands at the Handlebar Saloon and an FMX extreme freestyle motocross stunt show keeping folks entertained inside the Pavilion. Out in the sunshine, Clint Ewing’s professional riders will be ready to amaze the audience and Team AZ will give safe-riding demos. At the HellRacers Dome next door, “down and dirty” flat track races will keep folks glued to the oval race track all day long, with more than 20 categories competing. These range from the Mini 12-and-under riders, to the Run What Ya Brung, the Brakeless, and the Hooligan races.

The area around Phoenix is perfect for street riding and there are plenty of organized rides during the week. These include the Peace Out Prostate Cancer Ride sponsored by H-D of Scottsdale, the T-Bar Trail Ride, and the Dry Heat Run, a charity ride put on by the Hamsters. Dry Heat always starts at Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation in downtown Phoenix, and heads up into the mountains and to Cave Creek where Cave Creek Bike Week is happening at the same time.

There are always several ride-in bike shows on Saturday at WestWorld such as the Baddest Bagger Show, the Arizona Bike Week Custom Show and “Diva Amy” Skaling’s show dedicated to lady riders and their scoots. Naturally, those custom bagger riders will be cranking up their sound systems to impress the judges, but with your new Steel Horse Audio system, you’ll be ready to give them what for no matter what you’re riding. For details on the ST200, ST400 and 900 watt ST600 audio systems for your ride, visit

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Now get out there on the road, crank up the tunes and make some noise!

—Dave Nichols