5 Ways to Deck Out a Touring Motorcycle

November 16, 2017

Touring motorcycles have become increasingly popular in recent years. Characterized by features and design mechanics that promote a safe and comfortable ride for touring, they are the preferred choice for long-distance riders. Touring motorcycles often have larger-than-normal displacement fairings and windshields, as well as large fuel tanks and engines with low-end horsepower.




You can't expect to use a touring motorcycle to its full potential without creating ample storage space for your belongings. Whether you are riding 100 miles or 500 miles, you'll need plenty space to store your clothes and gear, which is where saddlebags come into play. Attaching this storage accessory to your touring motorcycle will allow you to easily and efficiently stash your belongings, keeping them safe and protected.

Stereo System


Motorcycle Speaker System - Highway Bar Mounted - Harley DavidsonOf course, you can also deck out a touring motorcycle by installing a motorcycle stereo system. It's a common assumption that stereos cannot be installed on motorcycles due to the rain and moisture. While certain stereos are intended strictly for indoor use, others are made with waterproof components that make them ideal for motorcycles. There are even options for bikes without fairings.  Installing a stereo system on your touring motorcycle will allow you to enjoy those long rides just a little bit more, and that's what riding it all about.


GPS Navigation


Another accessory that's ideal for touring motorcycles is a GPS navigation system. When you turn down the wrong road (it's bound to happen sooner or later), you can find your way back to civilization with its turn-by-turn directions. GPS navigation systems have become an almost essential item for touring motorcycles.

Keep in mind that some stereo systems may feature Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can connect your phone's GPS to the speakers.


New Seat


Depending on the type of touring motorcycle that you own, you may want to invest in a new seat. Remember, touring often requires that the rider remain seated for several hours at a time. If your current seat is uncomfortable, investing in a new one may prove to be well worth it.


Custom Paint Job


Because touring motorcycles are exposed to the sun and elements for long periods of time, factory paint jobs tend to fade. The good news is that you can revitalize the appearance of your touring motorcycle by giving it a custom paint job. A professional, high-quality custom paint job will bring new life to your bike, making it stand out on the road.

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