5 Tips for Using a Motorcycle Stereo System

July 13, 2017 1 Comment

Motorcycle Speakers on a Harley-Davidson Road King MotorcycleWho says stereo systems are limited strictly to automobiles? In addition to being used in cars, trucks and SUVs, they are now used in motorcycles. Today we're going to reveal five essential tips for using a motorcycle stereo system.


Low-Level File Compression


When preparing your audio files for use on a motorcycle, it's recommended that you select a low level method of file compression. While low-level compressed files take up more space, the payoff is a higher level of quality – and it can make a world of difference when listening to music on a premium motorcycle stereo system. And if you are running low on storage space, consider upgrading to a larger storage disk.


Speaker Placement


Want to know the secret to creating high-quality sound on a motorcycle? It's all in the speaker placement. There are several different areas on a motorcycle where speakers can be mounted, although one of the most effective in terms of sound quality is the handlebars. Installing speakers on your handlebars will project the sound directly to you, ensuring clear, crisp motorcycle audio each and every time. Of course, you can experiment with different placements and some are just as good as handlebars, such as the highway bars, but most riders will agree that handlebars work best for this purpose.


Use Waterproof Components


This probably sounds like common sense, but it's still worth mentioning that you should choose a stereo system with waterproof components for your motorcycle. Unless you intend to keep your motorcycle locked up in storage for the entire year, it will inevitably be exposed to moisture – and too much moisture can damage certain electrical components in a motorcycle stereo system. Many motorcycle stereos, however, are now made with waterproof components for this very reason.


Amplify it


Even if your main audio deck contains an amplifier, you may want to upgrade to a bigger and better amplifier. A premium amplifier will reduce distortion while enhancing the sound quality of your motorcycle stereo system. For the price, there's no better way to upgrade your motorcycle's stereo than by connecting it to an amplifier.


Use Bluetooth Connectivity


It's often difficult to hook up your smartphone or MP3 player when riding on a motorcycle. The good news, however, is that many motorcycle speaker systems now support Bluetooth connectivity, eliminating this step altogether. Once you've created the “handshake” between your device and the motorcycle stereo system, it will play automatically. There's no need to worry about connecting those 3.5mm auxiliary cables when using a Bluetooth-enabled stereo system on your motorcycle.

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G. Ellis
G. Ellis

July 13, 2017

Currently looking for a stereo system for my jog. Your products are seriously being considered and have made my top 5 list.
Thank you, for the tips and availability of products offered.


Geoffrey B. Ellis

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