5 Tips for Motorcycle Touring

August 15, 2017 2 min read

Tips for Motorcycle TouringLooking to take a long-distance, sight-seeing trip on your motorcycle? There's no denying the fact that motorcycles allow riders to experience the world in a more personal manner. This has led to a newfound revival of “touring,” in which riders “tour” one or more areas. Before embarking on a tour, however, there are a few things you should know.


Use the Right Motorcycle


The right motorcycle will make a world of difference in your ability to tour an area. Ideally, you should choose a touring motorcycle that's equipped with a large and stable luggage rack. Using this rack, you can store all of your clothes, belongings, gear, and other equipment. Even if you don't have a touring motorcycle, though, you can still install a luggage rack on the back of your motorcycle.


Plan Route in Advance


Don't try to “wing” your motorcycle tour, as this almost always turns out bad. It's recommended that riders plan their route in advance, mapping out roads, pit stops, rest areas, and time of travel between stops. It's okay if you don't follow this itinerary step by step, but rather use it as a general guide to help navigate you through your trip.


Carry a Spare Key


If something happened to your motorcycle's key on the tour, would you be able to continue? Most riders would answer no to this question, simply because they don't carry a spare. But problems such as this are easily avoided by stashing an extra key either somewhere on your body or on your motorcycle. There are magnetic hidden key compartments that can be placed just about anywhere on a motorcycle, offering an effective way to stash a spare key. Hopefully nothing will happen to your main key, but you can rest assured knowing there's a spare in case things turn south.


Wear Earplugs


Why should you wear earplugs on a motorcycle touring excursion? Well, there are a couple reasons, one of which is to protect against hearing loss. Riding a motorcycle for hours on end can take a toll on your hearing. This isn't something that happens overnight, but the noise of your motorcycle's engine can hurt your hearing – and potentially even cause early hearing loss. Furthermore, the constant loud noise can increase fatigue, opening the doors to a whole new world of problems. So to prevent hearing-related problems, it's recommended that you wear earplugs when touring.  And best of all, you can hear your Steel Horse Audio motorcycle speakers even better with earplugs!


Motorcycle Audio 


Some stretches of road will be that much better with music playing in your ears. If the idea of jamming to your favorite tunes while on your motorcycle tour sounds awesome, then check out a speaker system made for motorcycles.  There are a lot of options out there, but be sure to avoid headphones and speakers you won't hear.  Do your research and read reviews!  Also check in to the return policies and warranties and remember if it looks to good to be true it probably is (like a 4000 watt system for $50).  Steel Horse Audio is a good place to start for cruiser style motorcycle audio systems.